Cleaning Your Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Cleaning a portable motorcycle jacket regularly is an important process to keep it looking best. Leather suites, boots, trousers and jackets can cost hundreds of dollars, so it takes a little extra time and effort to help maintain a beautiful finish. High quality leather jackets can easily start to dry and crack if care is not done properly and thoroughly.

The actual process of cleaning and conditioning the motor gear is quite easy. Plus, well-maintained jackets are more pliable which means they are more comfortable to wear and easier to wear. The ideal time to clean motorcycle jacket every 3 to 4 months.

So, what is needed during the cleaning process?.jack

First step: To start find a comfortable place to hang your leather jacket. Use a hanger and make sure the available space is wide enough. Start the cleaning process with a bowl of hot soapy water. Stay away from harsh detergents or wash liquids, and use mild soap similar to shower gel. Use a microfiber cloth or something similar to make sure your leather jacket is completely clean.

Allow to dry: After the jacket is completely clean and all the dirt marks are gone, leave the leather jacket in the open to dry. Do not use a hair dryer or other heater to speed it up. Heating of leather-based clothing may increase the risk of shrinking, splitting or cracking materials. so do the job right.. When the jacket is dry, you are ready to start on the conditioning step. It is always important to complete the initial cleaning to remove the dirt. If you go directly to conditioning, there is the risk of trapping the dirt which can lead to a quite atrocious look.

Use conditioner: Apply a high-quality leather conditioner that is easily absorbed into the skin to ensure good performance and provide long-term protection. Massage optional conditioners across jackets by hand or dry cloth. Give stitches and stitches of special attention because these areas are more at risk of cracking or decaying in the future. After a good coat is applied, let the overnight jacket dry. At first it may look oily skin but once absorbed perfectly the leather jacket will look amazing like new.